Monday, 17 September 2012

Nimbuzz mobile pc server readymade bots ban flood, pako, sinobi bot.

This post will answer you

Q. How to make mobile server bots etc or make pc bots, to hang id in nimbuzz chatroom, stop floods etc.
Actually, it will give you READY MADE bots which you need not make. Just Add them and enjoy.
1.You Just Got to send a friend request to the bot id. It Will Add you Immidiately If Its Online. list of the bot ids is as follows pillu--), !_pagal_kutta_!, pinu_gal, janaima, sweet_suicide_kitty, ()dead_devil(), (---jhandu.baam---), 8emeya8.
2.Then add ( the bot maker) to provide you bot adminship.
3.After That, You need to make it member in the chatroom in which you want to make it enter. As it cannot enter by itself because of the security question put by nimbuzz while entering a chatroom.
4.Then you just have to send commands to the bot in private to make it join a chat room, leave chatroom etc like join replace india with your chatroom name. List of commands is given here
The Bots include the following features
1. Auto hang in chat room. use !autosend command in chatroom like !autosend 250 hi
2. Welcome users, by greetex command, Greetex owner= Wc %NICK%, to welcome the owner, Greetex admin=Wb admin or you can use any other message to welcome the admin just replace “Wb admin” with your messege whereas %NICK% is used to put the nickname of the user if you put it with the greetex command. And to welcome all the other users use this command Greetex none=Wc %NICK%
3. Kick/Ban abusers and flooders, to use this facility make the bot admin of your room or let it be member if you dont need.
4. Reply users like if somebody says thanks the bot will say my pleasure, if somebody posts laugh emo “:D” in chatroom it will reply those messages also. (This facility available in sweet_suicide_kitty bot id only)
5. Many other facilities like Google, Search, Tell the users of any room, user id, status knowing without adding etc. also available see in the Bot Commands link.

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